Elements of Parametric Design
Design patterns for parametric modeling    -- Robert Woodbury

Design is change. Parametric modeling represents change. It is an old idea, indeed one of the very first ideas in computer-aided design. I believe that, today, the key to both using and making parametric modelers lies in another, older idea.

People do design. Planning and implementing change in the world around us is one of the key things that make us human. To the human enterprise of design, parametric systems bring fresh and needed new capabilities to explore the possibilities inherent in an design idea. But these new systems are complex and hard to master. What is the new knowledge and skill designers need to master the parametric? How can we learn and use it?

This website provides design patterns to help you develop your personal craft of parametric design. It is companion to the book Elements of Parametric Design by Robert Woodbury.

I gratefully acknowledge the support of the Canadian Natural Science and Engineering Research Council; Bentley Systems, Incorporated; MITACS Accelerate; the Networks of Centres of Excellence program through the Canadian Design Research Network and the Graphics, Animation and New Media Network; and the BCcampus Online Program Development Fund.

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